Why They Kill Inocent Animal ?

Three elephants in Riau die of suspected poisoning
Three elephants were found dead in a forestconcession area of PT Rimba Peranap Indah (RPI), a subsidiary of PT RiauAndalan Pulp and Paper (RAPP), probably of poisoning, a local official said."The company must be responsible for the safety of those elephants becausethe spot where they were found dead was still within their home range. Thethree elephants died of apparent poisoning at a location on forest landmanaged by RPI," Edy Susanto, head of the Natural Resources ConservationAgency (BKSDA), said here on Tuesday.The carcass of one of the elephants was found on Monday (June 1) and thoseof the two others last Thursday (May 28) in an industrial crop forest (HTI)of PT RPI, he said.The three elephants were believed to have died of poison.
Autopsies wereconducted on the two carcasses found last week but the result was notavailable yet as organ samples of the dead elephants were sent to the BukitTinggi (West Sumatra) and Bogor (West Java) veterinary test and researchoffices, he said."The location where the dead elephants were found, is not far from an oilpalm plantation area adjoining the RPI`s industrial crop forest," he said.The oil palm plantation was managed by local people with the assistance ofstate-owned plantation company PT Perkebunan Nusantara (PN) V.Some local people and staff of the plantation company often complained thatelephants always came to the area and ate oil palm trees, he said.The area used to be the habitat of the elephants but it had been convertedinto an oil palm plantation and acacia forest, he said."Those dead elephants were part of a herd consisting of around 15 elephantswhose home range was delineated by a line between Peranap, Tesso Nilo andKuantan Singingi.
They always move on the same route ," he said.BKSDA was currently coordinating with the local police to investigate thocause of the death of the protected animals, he said.He also urged the plantation company PT RPI to help protect elephants."The PT RPI area used to be an elephant habitat. The company`s managementshould take care of the elephant habitat,"
Sumber : (ANTARA news/Evy R. Syamsir) http://www.antarane ws.com/en/ view/?i=12440044 53&c=ENV& s>

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