Why the progress to slow ? (woc and cti)

Lawmakers Blast Ministry For Poor Progress on Oceans

activists and legislators are casting doubt on the government’s commitment
to reforming maritime policies after the recent World Ocean Conference and
Coral Triangle Initiative in Manado, North Sumatra.

“The government hasn’t offered any concrete measures to traditional
fishermen and coastal residents after the WOC and CTI summit,” said Riza
Damanik, a leader with the People’s Coalition for Fisheries Justice, on

During the CTI and immediately after, Riza said, the Ministry of Maritime
Affairs and Fisheries had limited the scope of its concerns to two topics:
whether the secretariat for the CTI should be in Indonesia or the
Philippines, and details of the financial management of the Coral Triangle.

“They did not show any serious efforts in responding to climate change and
its effects on ocean and coastal areas,” said Riza, adding that the ocean
and coastal areas were being treated as bargaining chips to attract
international funds to stem the negative effects of climate change.

Slamet Daryoni, the deputy director of the Indonesian Green Institute, said
that the government merely wants to garner political support from countries
in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, and accused
officials of coveting the pot of cash known as the Climate Fund.

Earlier on Wednesday, legislators also questioned follow-up measures from
the government, leveling specific accusations against the ministry. During a
hearing with the House of Representatives Commission IV, which covers
maritime and fisheries issues, Syarfie Hutauruk, a Golkar Party legislator,
said the ministry had not yet allocated funds for the WOC or CTI initiatives
in the proposed ministry budget for 2010.

“How are the WOC programs going to continue?” Hutauruk said.

Another commission member, Bomer Pasaribu, agreed, saying the existing WOC
programs lacked teeth.

During the conclusion of the commission’s hearing, legislators urged the
ministry to provide a follow-up report on the WOC and CTI summit.

Freddy Numberi, the minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, responded by
saying he would soon address the House.

The WOC and CTI summit was held in Manado, the capital of North Sulawesi,
from May 11 to 15. The WOC meeting issued the Manado Ocean Declaration
consisting of 21 suggestions for countries across the world to minimize the
effects of global warming in the oceans.

Those steps included long-term conservation, the development of
environmentally sound policies, and improving coastal and ocean management.


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